Indian Society of Professional Social Work (ISPSW):

The Indian Society of Professional Social Work (ISPSW), oldest Association of Professional Social Workers in India, has been geared towards meeting the challenges of present day social work practice and to create a platform for information exchange among fellow professionals. The Society was formally known as Indian Society of Psychiatric Social Work established in the year 1970 by Dr. R.K. Upadhyaya and the Staff of the Department of Psychiatric Social Work,Central Institute of Psychiatry, Ranchi.

First conference of the society was held at Varanasi in the year 1973. The nomenclature of the society was changed in 1988 at Kolkata because of an increased representation of the educators,practitioners and researchers of all streams of social work. The society primarily focuses on uniting the professional social workers to debate, discuss and develop conceptual frameworks and feasible indigenous interventions in Social Work practice. In order to facilitate this purpose, the society has so far conducted 30 annual national conferences, seminars and symposium on various issues, all over India. Many of the life members of this society represent various reputed national international organizations and MoU with NASW. TheISPSW welcome its members for the XXXII ANC ISPSW.

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